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Titanic Sinking

Titanic SinkingPopular
Description: drawing by Jonathan Bailie age 8, Ireland
Submitter :Guest
Last Update: 2006/10/21 22:50   Hits: 29062   Comments: 0  

Category Drawings

Titanic shipof dreams.

Titanic shipof dreams.Popular
Submitter :Guest
Last Update: 2006/10/21 15:21   Hits: 87609   Comments: 0  

Category Titanic

Important Telegram || Henry Aldridge

Important Telegram || Henry AldridgePopular
Description: Highly important Telegram from the White Star Line to Senator Hughes Stating Titanic was Proceeding to Halifax.

Lot Number 363

Sold for £10,000 at the Titanic and White Star Auction 30th September 2006 held by Henry Aldridge & Son, The Devizes Auctioneers

Feel free to visit their website for further information about Titanic artifacts and upcoming actions.
Submitter :webmaster - More Photos from webmaster
Last Update: 2006/10/12 19:59   Hits: 50823   Comments: 1  

Category Artifacts

Amazing Titanic cake!

Amazing Titanic cake!Popular
Description: This incredible cake was produced by a friend of mines mum for my 30th birthday on Saturday 16th September. The cake was 3 foot in length and was authentic right down to the lifeboat davits! For more pictures of the cake (and of me reluctantly cutting it :) visit:
Submitter :Rob Goldsmith - More Photos from Rob Goldsmith
Last Update: 2006/10/8 17:56   Hits: 85334   Comments: 0  

Category Models

First Trust Bank interesection

First Trust Bank interesectionPopular
Description: Belfast July 2006,
First Trust Bank interesection pararel to Donegal Quay
Submitter :webmaster - More Photos from webmaster
Last Update: 2006/9/2 23:25   Hits: 9574   Comments: 0  

Category City

Grand Opera House

Grand Opera HousePopular
Description: Belfast July 2006,

Currently some renovation works is underway.

When the Grand Opera House opened its doors on 23 December 1895, it was an important date for the city of Belfast, then in its Victorian heyday. From the outset, the Theatre was a success. Crowds flocked to a great variety of entertainments including opera, drama, pantomime and the latest London comedy or musical.

By the 1920's and 1930's, variety programmes dominated the programme presented by the Grand Opera House. Will Fyffe and Harry Lauder appeared, and when Gracie Fields arrived, her reception was tumultuous.
During the Second World War, the Grand Opera House became a repertory theatre, day in, day out, with matinees and special Christmas and New Year performances, through Blitz, rations and restrictions. When peace came, the Grand Opera House was at the centre of the celebrations, giving Gala Performances by the Savoy Players for General Eisenhower, and Field Marshalls Alanbrooke and Montgomery.

By the 1950's, however, the world of entertainment was changing. The advent of television made a major impact, and although the Grand Opera House continued to present live shows, its acquisition by the Rank Organisation led to its increasing role as a cinema.

About the Grand Operah House
Submitter :webmaster - More Photos from webmaster
Last Update: 2006/9/2 23:23   Hits: 12202   Comments: 0  

Category City

Clay Titanic

Clay TitanicPopular
Description: I made a tiny model of the Titanic out of clay. it isn't really good though.
Submitter :Kelly - More Photos from Kelly
Last Update: 2006/9/2 17:09   Hits: 65678   Comments: 0  

Category Models

Titanic View

Titanic ViewPopular
Submitter :Guest
Last Update: 2006/9/1 3:50   Hits: 80191   Comments: 0  

Category Titanic

Belfast City 83

Belfast City 83Popular
Description: Belfast City July 2006
Logan River
Justice department
Submitter :webmaster - More Photos from webmaster
Last Update: 2006/8/19 12:48   Hits: 10544   Comments: 0  

Category Samson and Goliath

Titanic quarter 73

Titanic quarter 73Popular
Description: Belfast, July 06
Drawing HQ
Submitter :webmaster - More Photos from webmaster
Last Update: 2006/8/19 12:48   Hits: 9965   Comments: 0  

Category Harland & Wolff Drawing Office

Photo No. 261-270 (out of 1071 photos hit)« 1 ... 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 (27) 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 ... 108 »

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