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Scientific Abstract on the Deterioration of Titanic
  Posted on Tue 20 Sep 2005 (104227 reads)
The Titanic is proving to be a literal treasure-trove for scientific study of the deep ocean floor. Thanks to
David Bright , The contributor for this great story!.

Because there are only five submersibles in the world that can visit the extreme depths of 12,600 feet, where Titanic resides, every visit to the ship have proven to be of tremendous value to the scientific community. Each dive to the Titanic has the potential to discover a new species of plant or animal life - and in most cases, many new lifeforms has been found and cataloged for further study. The area surrounding Titanic can now be referred to as a natural field laboratory for the study of deep ocean ecosystems. There are very few scientific works about Titanic that have been released to the general public; however, in the future we will be seeing more scientific data presented that will provide a keen insight into the local environment surrounding the ship. By further understanding this in-situ environment, we can provide the associated research that could aid in the preservation of the Titanic. Obviously, the difficulty of conducting scientific studies at this depth limits the number and types of comprehensive examination that can be performed on the wreck site of Titanic. The following is an abstract of a scientific research paper that I presented yesterday at the global Oceans 2005 conference in Washington, DC. The entire six page paper will be placed on our site next week under the Updated News section. Please visit for the latest information on the release of our photographs and film from the July 2005 Titanic Expedition.

Comparative Photometric Analysis of Structural Degradation on the Bow of RMS Titanic

Abstract - A comparative, qualitative photometric survey of RMS Titanic was undertaken to subjectively analyze the condition of the structural integrity of the ship since her discovery in 1985 to the present. The goal of this study is to visually observe the rate of degradation of the condition of the bow section of the ship. Photographs taken from previous expeditions commencing from 1986 to the present were analyzed and compared to monitor the structural decay of the hull and superstructure over the course of time. The observations of this subjective analysis reveal a rapid decomposition of many areas throughout the bow of Titanic. Many decks have collapsing walls, rotted out structure, and vibrant growths of rusticle development. There is a significant widening of the bow expansion joint over time that is clearly evident in this part of the ship. Additionally, there is a very huge tear in the starboard plate aft of the number one davit that is expanding with each passing year. The results of this analysis show that the bow of RMS Titanic has been losing its structural integrity at a rapid rate and she is in danger of total collapse.

Source: September 21, 2005
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 Re: Scientific Abstract on the Deterioration of Titanic

Posted: 2005/10/7 13:25  Updated: 2005/10/9 17:58


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The second part of our photographic series from the 2005 scientific research expedition to RMS Titanic has been placed on our Nautical Research Group corporate website. These high-quality digital photographs were taken this summer while diving with Genya Cherniev in the MIR II submersible. The second part of this series will show pictures of the bow sprit, the port side anchor, auxiliary anchor and the huge links of the anchor chain.

To access these new photographs, as well as other Titanic photographs, scientific research paper and accompanying PowerPoint presentation go to our corporate website at and within the text of this page select the link entitled Educational Services. This will bring you to our educational page where all this valuable information can be viewed and downloaded for personal use only. I will be placing stunning new photographs from various sections of RMS Titanic every week so you might like to syndicate our WEBLOG (BLOG) site at to be notified of the latest news. It is very easy to syndicate our WEBLOG site by going to the link on the far left column of our blog and select the Syndicate link.

Source: October 7, 2005

 Re: Scientific Abstract on the Deterioration of Titanic

Posted: 2005/9/26 21:30  Updated: 2005/10/2 0:32


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Photos and Science on the Titanic - Ready to View & Download

On our Corporate website, we have placed our scientific research paper and its associated PowerPoint presentation that was given at this past week’s Oceans 2005 conference in Washington, DC. This paper is part of a preliminary analysis on the gross morphological structural integrity changes due to natural processes on the bow of RMS Titanic. This paper is not meant to be an all-inclusive summary of the microbial effects on the ship, as the wonderful scientists, Roy Cullimore and Lori Johnston, are the experts in this field and would be in the best position to discuss their groundbreaking work. While looking at these downloads, please browse through our highly graphic and informative Corporate website. Throughout the website, we have pictures of Titanic, as well as many other famous wreck sites that we dive and conduct research.

Please note that this research paper and the presentation are covered by the corporate copyright protection act. This act will allow you to use this information as an individual and to place links from your websites or forums to the corporate source. You may not alter or copy these materials for re-distribution to another website or forum but feel free to discuss the contents of the items with links to the source on any internet forum or website that you wish. Additionally, you can make personal copies of the items but can not use the text or pictures in any other publication or website unless permission is granted by the corporation. These requests can be handled by our Corporate Affairs area at We wholeheartedly endorse the sharing of this educational information! Finally, the method for retrieving this information can be found by going to our main Corporate website and then selecting Updated News from the left-hand column. The presentation links can be found under the September 26, 2005 submission. As mentioned on an earlier blog, we will be revamping the Corporate website to provide an Education section that will include all our original articles, science, photos and video from various well-known and famous shipwrecks.

SPECIAL NOTE : We have released our exclusive 2005 RMS Titanic Scientific Research Expedition series of stunning photographs on the Corporate website. The first series is a never-before-seen complete Wellin davit mechanism with its double rocker arm that was found in the stern section of the ship. There has never been reports of a finding of a complete davit mechanism ever found on Titanic and this photo shows that this davit mechanism is in great shape!

SOURCE: September 26th, 2005 article

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