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  Posted on Fri 11 May 2007 (363344 reads)
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Are you looking to advertise your services or products? can offer you a solution by reaching out to niche visitors that are already associated with Titanic? We would like to take 2 minutes of your time: here is some basic information to help you decide if sponsoring this site is right for you.

Website Traffic

Our site is designed to attract visitors researching all topics related to Titanic. Bulk of its visitors originate from nations belonging to the Anglosphere aggregation with a few exceptions.

Unique Visitors: 4500 p/day
Page Views: 17000 p/day
Monthly Visitors: 120,000 p/mon
Monthly Page Views:625,000 p/mon

Mobile device : Yes 17%
No 83%

This website is focused on a specific niche so our visitors are already pre-qualified and will maximize your campaign effectiveness.

Geography Coverage

Year: 2012

1. United States 40%
2. United Kingdom 10%
3. Canada 6%
4. Ireland Republic 5%
5. Australia 4%
6. France 3%
7. Mexico 3%
8. Germany 2%
9. Italy 2%
10. China 2%
11. Japan 2%

Others 21%

Advertising Options

Skyscraper 120x600 (iab) Flash/Image

Our skyscraper ad format runs on the left column of each page and placed as a high as possible, but no less than 1/3 from top of the page when considering the website is displayed on a 17"monitor.

Leader-board 728x90 (iab) Flash/Image

The leader board ad format appears on the center section on-top of every page within The prominent placement will ensure that any CPM campaign is most effective.

Paid-inclusion advertisements

Appropriate content that advertises or supports commercial initiatives is allowed and can be included on the site. The effectiveness depends on the Authentic nature and co-relation to the red line of the website.

Rate Card

Rates are for reference and displayed hereunder as 'Target Rate'.
Exact pricing can differ and any discounts depend on Volume,Geographic targeting, Interest & Keyword Context.

PS: In specific cases whereby advertiser's campaign shares perpetual rights to unique content the Advertising sales agent can work out a deal with you.

CPM = Cost Per 1000 iMpressions - other factors include Burn Rate and Frequency of display.
CPC = Cost Per Click - Unique users are counted once in any 24 hour period.

Skyscraper 120x600

- Run of site (Fill Inventory)
CPM: 1.5
CPC: 0.20

- Geographically targeted (tier 1)
CPM: 4.5
CPC: 0.35

Leader-board 728x90

- Run of site (Fill Inventory)
CPM: 1.8
CPC: 0.23

- Geographically targeted (tier 1)
CPM: 5.50
CPC: 0.60

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