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Inside Titanic (6 articles)
The different areas explained with photos
Inside Titanic overview
The "Shipbuilder" wrote on completion of the Olympic that the passenger accommodation was of "unrivalled extent and magnificence . . .. and the excellent result defies improvement".

The Olympic and the Titanic could each carry 3, 295 people: 2,435 passengers, and crew of 860.

Inside Titanic: first class public spaces
The first class unrivaled luxury, decorative and spacious areas attributed to the exlcusivity of the first class.
Inside Titanic: first class public spaces 2 & accomodation 2
Continuing from "Inside Titanic: first class public spaces"
Inside Titanic: second class
Second class passenger accommodation was to be found over seven decks. Exits were either by the second class grand stairway or an electric elevator which ran up and down all seven decks.
Inside Titanic: third class
Third class accommodation was much less luxurious than second class. Even so, third class or "steerage" passengers as they were known still enjoyed levels of luxury compared to most liners of their day.
Inside Titanic: Crew Accomodation
The White Star Line intended that the crew and passengers should not meet at any time during the voyage.

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